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April 11, 2010



This is very interesting, makes me want to come back to Egypt.


Yes, dear Caroline, I do read the comments and they are excellent ways to post questions. The ancient Egyptians thought of the heart as the seat of emotions so when the heart is being weighed it is really the measure of their actions and thoughts during their lifetime that is being surveyed. The feather is also a symbol. It represents the goddess Maat who stands for justice and proper order of things. If a person's heart is balanced evenly against the right way to behave, then this means that they lived a righteous life. Sounds rather Bill and Ted-ish but that's the best term to use. To simplify: light heart= good, heavy heart = baaaaaaaaad. For sure the rigging of symbolism aint a new phenomenon but the actual weighing would have taken place after death so the ultimate results are only known by the dead guy and the witnessing gods. Projecting the hoped for outcome in pictures on your tomb wall might have been a form of wishful thinking.


First off cool pictures.
Second so Valley of Death? you weren't inclined to take that path??

teehee I LURVE YOU!

So I'm actually not sure if you're supposed to ask questions here of if it's just for comments... but you read these right? So yes I shall ask a question.

With the feather of justice how did ANYONE'S heart ever beat the test?? Did some pharaoh's have their scales fooled with before having their hearts on it? or were the hearts first drained of all blood... because I'd imagine that probably makes them lighter.. anyway just a question.

Hah just rocks! yes that's all you're looking at... rocks and really really awesome rocks! Do you have security guards there to make sure the foreigners don't take anything or just to keep you guys from hurting yourselves??

Seems like you are having fun:)


Beautiful shots Amy, makes me miss the desert sands... But make sure you drink plenty of h20. The skies at night must be brilliant as well I'll bet it's filled with stars as far as you can see. I remember being in similar places there (i.e., by Siwa) and feeling the same sensations. As you've noted the ancients lived very closely to nature and thus were constantly awed by it -they didn't "go out into it" they were an integral part of it. Spending just a little time away from the over-stimulated artifices of our modern world brings us back to this sense of awe and wonder... Everyone on the planet should get a chance to experience it....

Cindy Bradford

I am enjoying your blogs. Can't say I would want to tag along, but it certainly is interesting. And I thought it was HOT in Texas. Keep the blogs and pictures coming.


Great photos Amy, hope youre keeping well and happy.


Good to keep up with what you are up to!! Thanks for posting. It takes me to another place and time :-)!

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