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March 26, 2010



I am sure your best time there is in the morning time and late evenings,enjoy your time great job.


In regards to www......the house splurged and invested in a wifi connection but it doesn't really work well at all. Everyone who is relying on it is saying that they've been getting about 40% connection success. I, however, brought with me my handy-dandy mobile uplink that I have been subscribing to for over a year. It works great, when I'm sitting in just the right spot! Better than my mobile phone. Oddly, most of the people here are bemoaning the fact that there is internet access. Apparently they long for the days when they left civilization for weeks on end and had no access to communication at all. I, on the other hand, am thrilled to have web access!


Interesting... Sound like a real adventure! Reading your entries I was thinking about how many people on the planet are still living in a manner that's relatively similar to the way they've been living the last thousand years. With the obvious exception of some modern amenities it sounds as though that's how life is there in Abydos. Speaking of such matters --may I ask how are you getting access to the www? Are you folks equipped with a connection there at the dig house?


Yes! I still have the original! Boy, has that thing seen a lot of stuff! Pictures are forthcoming. I've just been getting myself established. Soon, I promise.


Awesome! Thanks for blogging about this Amy. So interesting to hear of your adventures.

Sue Connor

It sounds sooooo cool!!!!! We need pictures---please, please,please!! Of your dig and your digs and your friends. What a phenominal experience. Are you still using your original trowel?

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